Beyond Generations



My son, Chad, once spent a month taking care of my mother, in her small apartment in Louisville, Kentucky.

She had fallen, broken one wrist and sliced open the fingers on the other hand, so she was quite literally helpless.

I’m not certain I could’ve spent 30 days and nights with that responsibility.

Needless to say, I’m extraordinarily proud of him. And he would tell you now it’s the best way he could’ve used that time, between graduating from USC and starting a new career.

The two of them remained extremely close for the rest of her life.

As she lost herself to dementia, she never once failed to ask about Chad, even when she wasn’t totally certain of my name.

So, I applaud this effort.

It’s been an especially hard year for our oldest generation. They’ve been at a heightened risk of infection.

They’ve been forced to avoid contact with everyone special to them.

So if you know someone in your neighborhood, someone like this, reach out and make sure they’re not too lonely today.

You don’t have to teach them how to use an XBox. Just call and talk to them for a little while. Let them know you care.