Between Us And Eternity

One breath…

To paraphrase something Sharon Salzberg once wrote, The membrane between us and eternity is as thin as the lightest egg shell.

Glenn Frey. David Bowie. We’ve certainly had enough reminders lately.

There are two ways to react to sudden, startling loss: One, to tread as lightly, as carefully as possible, anxious and fearful; the other, to understand life as the transitory gift it is and decide purposefully to live it as fully as possible every moment of every day.

If economic necessity is forcing you to work with people you don’t respect and who don’t respect you or your talent, I understand.

But if you’re choosing to be in that situation, you are wasting a gift you were meant to use.

No regrets.

Nothing left unsaid.

The ending to our stories is inevitable. It is only what unfolds between the first breath and the last that we control.

Write your story wisely because it may change another’s life, and it will certainly change yours.