Better Promos and Liners

I bet you’re not doing this…

I’ve written often about how the human brain is naturally drawn to narrative, to stories, especially those that produce strong emotions. Neuroscience proves it.

But very few radio stations use narrative in their imaging, in either liners or promos.

There is a depressing same-ness when it comes to radio imaging, depressing because most of it is so badly conceived and written.

Favorites from yesterday and today…
Today’s hits and more…
Your variety station…

I mean, really…

If you want to make an emotional impact, use your liners, listener testimonials, and station promos to tell a story that makes me realize you’re human, a story that makes me feel something.

Talk to me, not at me.

Tell me how your station saved someone’s life after their house burned down.
Tell me how you felt when you had to put your dog down.
Let a listener tell me how you were there when they were alone and afraid.

If you’re going to use words, at least use words that have impact, that I will hear and notice.

This scares you, huh?

Feels like they would be long and wordy and everyone knows PPM proves listeners only want to hear music, not talk. No talk. No interruptions. They want a non-stop music machine.


They don’t want to listen to that meaningless garbage you spew at them now, because its chest-thumping BS, not meant to move them, not meant to engage them.

If you’re ready to truly be different, to have listeners wait as expectantly for the content between the songs as they do the songs themselves, the market is wide open for you.

It’s not easy. It’s much tougher to write something that will make me feel strongly than rip off the same old liners every other station is using.

But, and I promise you this, you will love the results.

Call me if you need help starting.