Better, Faster, Stronger

We can’t wait much longer

Kanye got it right.

We’ve tried being the cheapest alternative in media. That hasn’t really worked out all that well for us, has it?

What Radio needs is more reasons proving we are better.

More and more studies are showing that online ads have serious accountability problems. Even Google Search has been shown to be generally unnecessary. Social Media ads? Right. Burn your money. It’ll get more eyeballs.

There will always be clients who want the cheapest spot in your town, but the race to win that business will not grow yours.

Growth lies in being better, demonstrably better, so much better that listeners in your town can hear it every time they tune in. So much better they can’t help talking about your station to their friends and co-workers.

I know you’ve got budgets to deal with. I’m just trying to make you see the truth. And if you already see it, but those above you do not, or are unwilling to acknowledge it, maybe it’s time to find a different company?

You want your station to be missed if it shuts down tomorrow.

YOU want to be missed if you get fired tomorrow.

Cheaper will not take you there, and pretending otherwise won’t change that fact.