Better Baby Names

Very, very funny

With useless Christmas gifts still fresh in your mind, along with the wonder these types of gifts always bring (How on earth, WHY on earth would anyone give me this gift??!!), I have found this gem for you: Better Names For Baby.

This is literally priceless when it comes to gifts that will leave the giftee dumbfounded.

After all, who wouldn’t want to name their new baby:

  • BHUURP (It has a vaguely aristocratic Indian yogi feel to it)
  • DEWQ (I should have thought of this one myself, and would have, if I’d consulted a station in Iraq)
  • ELPFUL (especially effective if you happen to have a Cockney accent)
  • GURFELF (if someone named “Gurfelf” doesn’t have a career in the NBA, I’ll be stunned)
  • HOARHISS (clearly not intended for a female child)
  • IMRON (has a nice, corporate ring to it for your future CEO)

Well, as you can see from these few examples, this will be the best gift you’ve ever given.

Or my name’s not Praydio…