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Best of Enemies

Best of Enemies

Same as it ever was…


It’s customary to believe our times are the most rancorous, that this current election cycle is our most distasteful — but that is not true.

We could argue that it is the most juvenile, the least literate and the most embarrassing for all of us, no matter whose candidacy you support.

So it was wonderfully refreshing to watch “Best of Enemies” on PBS last week. Part of their Independent Lens series, it takes us back to the beginning of TV’s role in the mayhem we now see every morning.

It was a time when both Parties celebrated their intellectuals, when the ideas at the foundation of each Party mattered more than the celebrity of their candidates.

I hate politics and still, I found it riveting.

If you missed it last week, you can watch the entire film online until November 2. Just click HERE.