Best Christmas Ads of 2015

Which one is your favorite?

John Lewis always uses emotion in their special Christmas ads for Great Britain:

Show someone they’re loved this Christmas

Dicks’ Sporting Goods is the US equivalent, and this spot “feels” like a real family, so kudos to the actors and director:

The Gift

Hallmark features unexpected humor, and it works!

Vegan Christmas

Sainsbury’s beautifully conceived, written and narrated ad is a reminder of the true spirit of Christmas. I love this one! It features an animated cat, Mog, a beloved creature from one of England’s favorite children’s book series.


I also think it’s brilliant to offer a “behind-the-scenes” video of how this spot was made.

I’m really interested in your reaction to this spot from House of Fraser in England, clearly aimed at a different generation:


Ok, there are the first 5. I’ll show you 5 more of the best Christmas spots of 2015 tomorrow.