Believe It Or Not

It’s true.


Yesterday, I posted parts of a recent article in AdAge that showed research proving branding that engages the heart is more successful than branding messages aimed at our rational brains.

What we feel is much more important than what we think when it comes to just about every decision humans make, from the products we buy, to the radio stations we choose to listen to, to the person we marry.

But you’d never see this truth in practice if you listen to most radio station liners and between-the-song content.

The question I ended with yesterday was, “Why?”

Why, when we have statistical proof of the folly of shouting about “more music” and “better variety” does Radio persist in writing – and hammering – these liners (branding messages) hour after hour after hour?

Here’s why: belief perseverance.

“…beliefs can become so deeply ingrained that they become very challenging to unlearn, even when presented with new information. This phenomenon is called belief perseverance.

Belief perseverance happens when a person holds onto a belief even when presented with evidence that this belief is false.

There are three types of belief perseverance. First, self-impressions, which are beliefs about yourself, such as ‘beliefs about your athletic skills, musical talents, ability to get along with others, or even body image.’

The second involves social impressions, which are beliefs about specific other people, such as ‘beliefs about your best friend, mother, or least favorite teacher.‘”

Finally, the third type is called naive theories — these are beliefs about how the world works, including beliefs about the causes of war or poverty, stereotypes about teenagers, lawyers or other cultures, and any other social theories.

Obviously, we’ve seen evidence of belief perseverance in our politics too.

Research shows that despite the lack of any real evidence, most respondents identifying as Republican believe the Democrats stole the 2020 election. And nothing anyone says, including federal court judges, many appointed by Trump, dismissing more than 60 suits challenging the election results, will change their minds apparently.

It’s a fascinating article and you can read it HERE.

While I don’t believe that the liners and spoken content on your station hurt anyone listening, you’re squandering an opportunity to forge a real connection, an emotional connection, with those listening.

Meaning most of the branding radio stations engage in is meaningless to most of those listening. That’s been proven.

The question is, do you have the courage to acknowledge your belief perseverance, step outside of the “norm” for most radio stations, and try to achieve real branding with your spoken content, branding that can actually change the way your listeners perceive your station?