Before And After

This will make your whole weekend better!

It’s not like I started out as Brad Pitt and ended up looking the way I do.

Aging, as they say, beats the alternative. I have several late friends who would gladly add wrinkles, swap a full head of hair for a chrome-dome, add 40 pounds, and let gravity do its worst to be having lunch with their families today.

Still, just looking at these faces is bound to make you feel better.

They’re our contemporaries. We were fans when they — and we — were young.

Just please don’t tell me I look worse than Ozzy or Ronnie Wood. (I sat directly behind him at a London theater not that long ago, and he looks even worse in person.)


To see how your favorite rock star has aged, click HERE.

Who gets your vote for looking best and looking worst?

I’m going for Ringo on Best…