The power of vulnerability


It’s not surprising that Michelle Obama would have felt overwhelmed by the unrelenting negativity hurled at her and her daughters during her husband’s campaigns and presidency. What is startling about Becoming, however, is her willingness to admit to—and detail—these moments of doubt, of fear, of anxiety. After more than a decade of scrutiny, Michelle Obama is now inviting a close read of her life.”

I talk to air talent a lot about the confidence and strength of those willing to be vulnerable with us.

It takes courage to reveal yourself, warts and all.

It takes someone special to admit failure and weakness and doubt.

But it’s in this willingness to be simply human, not different from those you talk to on your show, that you will find loyalty and resonance.

If you haven’t read Becoming by Michele Obama, it has wonderful insights and lessons about human frailty and our deep need for acceptance.

If you’re not going to read her book, at least read THIS PIECE in The Atlantic about it.

The more of your true self you’re willing to let listeners see, the more parts of you they will have with which to bond.