Becoming Indispensable

The singular quality needed

There is a single quality that is so rare, when you find someone who has it, you’ll do pretty much anything to bring that person on board and keep them happy.

That’s a quote from a piece by Jonathan Fields and you can subscribe to his blog HERE.

So what do you think that quality is?







I’m sure all those are wonderful, and probably rare to find in one person.

But the quality Jonathan is talking about is…

The ability to create.

That’s right. The ability to create solutions to daily problems.

These are the people who find new ways to look at old problems, who generate great ideas at every brainstorming session, who see opportunity where every other employee sees barriers.

And if you’re lucky enough to find not only a creator, but a creator who can also implement and operate, lock ’em up, and do whatever you have to do to keep them happy and stimulated.

Those two traits in combination are so rare that you should consider yourself lucky if you have one in your business.

So, how about you? If I asked your colleagues today to identify your strongest quality, what would they say?

There’s only been one Picasso.

Are you indispensable?