Storytelling lesson from a master

There’s a reason you become beloved by an entire country, heck, an entire world.

It’s called emotional connection.

First, you have to be comfortable with revealing your own authentic emotions.

Then, you can allow others to use the stories you weave to touch those places in their hearts that are usually shut off.

And you find that shared emotion is the most powerful of all, a bond that lasts a lifetime.


You can learn so much watching an artist work.

It starts with the concept, which is universal — grief at the loss of one so loved — and then the writing, edited for impact and cadence.

The delivery is measured; not read — performed — pacing and inflection perfect.

There’s the twist, of course, from what starts as light and funny, and ends with tears.

The emotion, when it comes, is authentic, not contrived.

What is it that makes us feel we know “stars” like Jimmy Stewart?

He allowed us to see parts of himself that wouldn’t be visible to strangers.

He invited us into his heart.