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A lesson in branding

Dr. Dre is one smart guy. And that has made him very, very rich.

In an age when little white earbuds are ubiquitous, Dre launched big, round headphones that cannot be ignored. Just as the white earbuds were walking commercials for Apple’s iPod and iPhone, Dre’s big headphones are walking billboards too.

So, how do you interrupt the cultural tsunami that is all things Apple? How do you make wearing huge, bulky headphones hip?

You link their use to the biggest young stars on our planet, from sports to music…

The Game Before The Game

Over 28 million have viewed that video, most of them aching to be as cool, as successful, as iconic as the stars they love.

You don’t knock off the King of the Hill by copying his/her products. You don’t out mini Apple.

You build a new hill, persuade (or pay) the cultural icons of this generation to spring up it wearing your gear, and let the virus spread.

Dr. Dre is a very, very smart guy.