A simple concept

As usual, Seth nails it in one sentence:

If you can’t make money from attention, you should do something else for a living.

It’s as simple as that, Radio.

Rupert Murdoch, thinking he will charge Bing or Google for the privilege of linking to his newspapers, has it bass-ackwards.

We, in Radio, have the attention of the vast majority of people, in every city of every nation in the world, every day.

That has not changed, despite Television, movie rentals, video games, the Internet, iPhones and Satellite radio.


What are you doing to earn and keep that attention?

And, how are you leveraging that attention to produce revenue?

It’s not really all that complicated. We can all see the evidence ourselves.

I think, by Seth’s definition, it’s time for many of the guys running radio companies in the US (and yes, there are clear, notceable exceptions) to do something else for a living so we can use the attention we have productively.