Barb’s Journey – Month 11



Today’s post is by long time friend, Barb Richards:

I’ve learned some new things about me at this job.

When I started in radio, I was 18 years old. I wanted to graduate, go off to New York city, and be a star. But it seemed far away and I was dating a guy (who became my husband) and while I was pondering, someone suggested I would be good on the radio. I cannot remember who it was for the life of me. I thought radio sounded like fun and so I applied and got the job. And found out I liked the tasks of the job.

I like the tasks of this new job. That was a surprise to me. I would often think what sort of job I would want to do after radio (there has always been an “After Radio” for me) and now I know there is a wide variety of jobs I could do because it is the daily TASKS that are more important to me.

Guess I’m not so picky on what line of work it is as long as it incorporates the things that I am good at doing. Now that I know that about me, if I had to look for a new job today, I would broaden my search and look for a position that incorporated these tasks and not limit myself to a specific line of work.

The reality for me is that if I can do the things I like to do, the things I am good at doing, have people respond to that in a positive manner and feel like I am making a difference, I’m pretty happy.

I know I need a job where I can be creative. My boss says I have a new idea every 3 seconds. That’s me. I’m grateful I get to do that now and even more grateful I work where they like my ideas. I have to be able to create.

I do love to write, so I need a job where I can write creatively. The challenge of this job is that the writing is a lot more corporate than I am used to. I got in trouble my first month for using the phrase, “this show rocks.” The boss would have preferred, as she politely mentioned, “this show is very entertaining.” I have learned no Oxford comma, not to capitalize titles after names, and not to use exclamation points! Oops.

I am good at relationships. I have loved calling the many people I know here in the market and inviting them to become involved with our organization. I need a job that involves talking to people and a job that allows me to create a relationship between my job and them.

I am a loud person. I was somewhat worried that my new job was going to be a quiet place and while it is certainly more quiet than a radio station, we actually do yell back and forth between offices. I just couldn’t work in a quiet environment. Never once have I been tempted to apply for a job in a bank or library. My mom used to ask me why my sister and I yelled all the time and I told her that was not yelling — we were just responding enthusiastically. I am a loud person.

I am a team player. And I don’t like an environment that doesn’t encourage team above individual. I believe no one is an island in an organization, that we all have an investment in each other and that we have to work toward the common goal of making the organization better. That is the only way we can reach our goals. I am big on team.

Do a little self-discovery and figure out what tasks you like to do and then check out the ‘Help Wanted’ ads. I bet you’ll see a lot more possibilities.


Barb Richards is the long time programmer of a great radio station in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who has transitioned into an entirely new career, out of radio. Her insights into the process of leaving radio behind, positively, successfully, have been immensely helpful to so many others from our industry who are facing that same transition.