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Banishing The Fear of Failure

Banishing The Fear of Failure

Can you do this?


I can’t decide whether there’s too much pressure, or too little, inside the average radio station today.

On the one hand, the “creatives” — programmers and on-air talent — have never been busier, and we know that giving the mind time to free associate fosters imagination and creativity.

I think we all hear less creativity on the radio today than 20 years ago.

But on the other hand, very few stations and very few of those who run those stations seem particularly concerned about how their stations sound.

If the only thing that matters is the revenue, maybe there’s not enough pressure on programmers to make what I hear right now really compelling and memorable.

But, I also know the wisdom of this:

I can’t recall an example of groundbreaking work coming from an environment of stress, anxiety, and fear of failure. The best work I’ve seen comes from groups that have conviction in their vision, clarity on their principles, and the sense that even if they don’t know everything and make mistakes along the way, they’ll be okay, because they’re going to learn and get better as a result.

I see this fear of failure every time I step inside a radio station, and not just here in the States, but all around the world.

When I try to persuade PDs and air talent to try a different way, they’re almost all terrified. I understand why. I just wish I could change it.

If you’re willing to look inside your building and really see the atmosphere there, and are then willing to try to change it, THIS ARTICLE may help give you the ammunition you need for corporate overseers.