A guest blogger…

We’re your official at-work radio station.”

Uh, how did you get that official recognition?
Well, we didn’t really…we just say that.
So it’s not true?
Well, it could be true.
But it isn’t.

The station everybody at work can agree on.”

Then why do some of the workers in my office listen to other things?
Well, some have other preferences.
So, really not everybody agrees.
Maybe not, but they could.
Not very likely.

The widest variety...”

Stop right there! Do you truly have the widest playlist?
Well, not as wide as those classic hits stations.
So it’s not true?
Well, no.
So why keep saying it?
Because if we say it enough people will believe it.
No, they won’t.

We play anything.”

So, you will play anything?
Yes, if it fits our target audience.
But that’s not anything.
Well, that wouldn’t be practical. I mean, how many songs are there?
So it’s not true?
Well, it is for our audience.
No, it isn’t.

Commercial free…”

What about that promo?
Well, that’s not a commercial, it’s a promo.
Your audience doesn’t know the difference between a commercial for a sponsor and a commercial for your station.
No, we mean commercial commercial.
So it’s not really true?
Well…if you want to get technical…

I’m so grateful to feature this piece from my friend, Bob Wood. Bob has programmed some of the most successful and fun stations in America, and concentrates now on writing and producing creative imaging and branding for clients worldwide.

The point he raises here is important. Before you run lazy liners on your station, call Bob. He’s the best in the business.