Atomic Tom

The future of music videos

The back-story is that this group had their instruments stolen, so they decided to do a free mini-concert on the subway…

…using their iPhones as instruments, and a Flip to record it all.

The result is that at the time of my posting this, almost 5 MILLION people had seen their work, and heard their song, from this one exposure.

Check it out:


First, smart phones are amazing. This could be an iPhone ad.

Second, passengers on that train car were treated to a free, live performance. Think they talked about what they heard and saw when they got to the office?

Third, 5 MILLION people have found this video and watched it, meaning a lot more have talked about it and helped spread the word.

If a band sounds this good using iPhones for instruments, in a noisy subway car, imagine how good they sound with real acoustics and instruments. So, they made a pretty good commercial too.