Are You Worth 10X More?

Here’s how you know…


It’s pretty clear now that Reed Hastings, the guy who built Netflix (and still runs it today), is really smart.

Talk about a disruptor.

From the earliest days of Netflix, Hastings has hired the very best, most talented software engineers and creatives he can find.

At one point, he had a choice: Facing an imminent deadline, and a shortage of talent, he could either hire 25 average people or 1 top performer and pay that person more than s/he could earn working for Google, or Facebook, or Apple, all of which had the same needs Netflix did with much bigger salary budgets.

What Hastings discovered is that these “rock star” performers, as he calls them, are not worth twice as much as the “average” performer, or even ten times the average performer.

He found that these super-talents add at least 100 times the value of the average employee.

Let him tell you in his own words HERE.

How does this apply to Radio?

“Rock Star” performers are always rare. That’s why they’re worth so much.

Unfortunately, Radio is now run by investment banks (basically) interested only in driving costs down – exempting their own compensation, of course.

It’s a race to see who can spend the least on their product.

And the winner of this race will be Spotify and Apple Music.