Are You Proud of Your Company?

Or is that irrelevant?


FAST COMPANY asked an interesting question recently: Are you proud of your company?

Most of us don’t work for Pro Publica or Doctors Without Borders, organizations that purposefully attract the altruistic.

Most of us work for companies that want to make as much money as they can because we want to make as much money as we can.

Is that wrong? Does it matter?

The combined revenue of the top 20 businesses in America is more than $30 trillion, nearly double the gross domestic product of the United States.

Business touches each of our lives. It helps us earn money. It provides products we need or want. And more and more often, it seems, I find myself gravitating to businesses that also do good, like the Pledge 1% group, Bombas socks, and Tom’s shoes.

I use Amazon’s Smile program which automatically throws a few cents of every dollar spent to a charity I support, this year the Blink Now Foundation.

When ownership of radio stations was more local than national, those stations had a real incentive to use their reach to serve their local communities, not just see them as an open wallet.

Radio still does a lot for the needs of the cities we’re anchored in, but can we do more?

My question today: Is it important that we do more?

Seems to me that we’re in one of those times when this matters, especially to younger listeners, the under-35s.

It also seems like it’s a conversation each radio company, and station, should be having.

Our work needs a greater purpose than just enriching a few corporate executives.

It needs to be about more than just profit.

Can you help make that happen where you work?