Are You Difficult?

There’s hope

A European client had a problem, one I used to see fairly often in the US (when we had more talent and more team shows): Friction within the team. It had become completely dysfunctional and management didn’t want to see what was staring them in the face.

See, there’s a difference between difficult employees and divisive ones.

Difficult means argumentative, insensitive, challenging, procrastinating, sometimes out-of-control. They’re not easy to work with, but they don’t realize how difficult they are.

They’re not trying to hurt the team, even if they are.

Divisive includes intent. These are employees actively trying to hurt the team, the station and the company. They want failure, even if that costs them their own jobs.

Difficult is manageable. Divisive is not. I can help you with difficult, especially if the employee wants to improve. Any trained, certified mediator or therapist can.

The only solution to a divisive employee is termination.

And the sooner you realize it and act upon it, the better for everyone who remains.

It doesn’t matter how talented they may seem. If they are intent upon havoc, you must let them go.