Apple’s Most Popular Ad

It’s not the one you expect and it can teach you something about how you promote your station.

The iconic “1984” is Apple’s most famous ad, but it is not Apple’s most viewed production.

That distinction goes to this ad introducing the iPhone 4:


While YouTube shows about 3 million views for what is essentially a long infomercial, Visible Measures, a web-tracking company that follows viral videos, puts the total number of online views, from various sites, at over 17.3 million.

It’s 6 minutes long, and about one-third of the spot is for tech geeks, explaining pixels, and technical advances that make the iPhone an engineering marvel. Another one-third is about cool new features and ease of use.

But what I want you to notice is the first third of the spot, which is all about emotional connection.

Even in an infomercial that feels targeted at techies, Apple’s first message is aimed right at your heart. It is only after they’ve engaged your right brain, your emotions, that they provide logical, technical data to support a decision you’ve made based on feelings.

It is brain science. As I’ve shown countless times in multiple blog posts, emotion drives action.

So when you’re writing liners, don’t appeal to logic, but rather to feelings.

I realize most stations in the biggest consolidated radio companies don’t do this. I realize most consultants don’t preach this. I realize 99.9% of the stations you hear and admire don’t practice this.

Still, try it, because — as Steve Jobs, the preeminent marketing mind of our times has proven, over and over — it works!

And if you’d like to see examples of the kinds of station liners I’m talking about, email or call me and I’ll share some.