Apple’s Holiday Commercial


No boasting about pixels or processors or ease of use.

Merely a story, about a family, doing what families do this time of year.

A story in which we can see ourselves and our family.

Appealing to our emotional brain, not our logical brain.

Which is why it works so well…

It was shot entirely on the iPhone 5s, but that’s not what they trumpet, is it?

Family. Christmas. Laughter. Tears. Love.

It’s so nice to see marketing people who get it.

BTW, remember that cool Christmas promotion I showed you last week? It generated over 25 MILLION views in one week. Not bad for a twist on the old ‘Christmas Wish’ promotion Radio’s done for decades.

And it proves we can still capture the public’s eye — and heart — if we’re willing to invest a little money and imagination into the mix.

Merry Christmas!