Apple Music

Apple tries radio

Well, it’s about time for some honesty…

The truth is internet radio isn’t really radio. It’s just a playlist of songs.

That is Apple exec, Eddy Cue, and he knows whereof he speaks because he remembers Apple tried the internet radio thing way back in — wait for it — 2013.

But evidently, Apple learned from its mistakes.

BEATS 1 will have actual show hosts doing live shows from several major cities around the world.

And I bet they’ve taken care to hire people with something to say, otherwise why do this at all?

I’m certain they’ll have special deals with major artists debuting music on BEATS 1 and they’ll have other non-musical hooks to grab ears as well.

Because Apple figured out there’s more to “Radio” than endless songs.

There’s power in curation and access and being first.

There’s comfort and companionship to be found in relationships with air talent.

Imagine that.

You won’t even have to think different this time.

Speaking of different, check this out: Broadcast radio finally noticed.

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