Apple Gets Emotional

Selling ‘Facetime’ the Apple way

One of the most interesting things about Apple’s iPhone is, that from its debut, Apple has marketed the things the phone can do, rather than the actual calls it can make.

They’ve sold a beautiful and cool device that has all these nifty apps you can play with, rather than a phone, used for making phone calls.

Until now.

Have you seen the 4 new Facetime spots?

Each one uses emotion to sell a phone. Strong emotion. Showing how life’s most memorable moments are shared. I’ve got them for you here, and if you don’t feel something as you watch each, I’ll be surprised:





Apple knows emotion drives passion.

When we feel strongly, we pay more attention.

What are you doing to make your listeners feel emotional today?

What are you doing to tap into memories they cherish, to acknowledge life’s passages — births, graduations, promotions, marriages…braces and first dates?

Life is rich with emotional opportunities, if you will but use them. And I guarantee, if you try it, you’ll love the result.



*My thanks to Allan Hotlen for the links. Allan always found ways to use emotion to make real connections with his listeners.