Apple Confidential

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This is fun because we get to see Steve Jobs lead a meeting of his employees at a key juncture in Apple’s life. It is also incredibly instructive.

Steve Jobs

He understands his company so well. He understands what the people who will be attracted to his message feel and want.

He understands the point, and the limitations of marketing in this era. He understands this marketing is as much created to inspire his own team as sell computers instantly.

He understands team-building.

And he is so involved with the whole process that he was particular about the TV shows the first spot would appear in. It all had meaning, even if too subtle for most viewers to understand.

He understands how to inspire his own employees and push them for ever-greater achievements.

He can articulate Apple’s core values, values that are bigger than any profit and loss statement, than any stock price.

He understands that Apple is built on great products.

If Bob Pittman and Lew Dickey and David Field and Ginny Hubbard focused on only this key point — the product drives every part of the company’s success — Radio’s future would be secure.

So, if you know ’em, pass it on to them and help us all out.

BTW, the new Steve Jobs bio is out: Becoming Steve Jobs. Let me know what you think if you get to it before I do.