Anything Is Possible

Imagine that…


At first glance, you might think this trailer has nothing at all to do with your work – unless you work in films.

But take a second glance:

Imagine what you might create if you began with “Anything is possible.”

I’ve brought this up before: what you might do if you’re able to just throw all the supposed radio “rules” out the window. All of them!

We didn’t really know what we were doing. We were NOT movie people. George (Lucas) wanted a bunch of guys who didn’t know what was IMPOSSIBLE.”

Yes! That! Exactly that.

I’d love to hear what you could create if you were NOT a radio person already. If you were just a super creative content creator using voices and music to hook me.

We realized nothing was impossible.

And this: “I want to work with people that inspire me!”

Do the people you work with today inspire you?

Do you inspire others within your air staff?

The last American air staffs I was lucky enough to work with that inspired each other …?

There was WBIG in DC, when Steve Allan and his team overwhelmed the market and shot to #1, more than 15 years ago, every daypart perfectly cast.

Then, Barbara Bridges and her staff at MIX 92.9 in Nashville, so great you couldn’t imagine that city without that sound, without those people!

And Mike Wagner, Stéphane BOSC and their team created the same magic at NOSTALGIE in Paris at about that same time. I was there. I heard it. I felt it, that dizzying sensation of hearing your station everywhere you went, that explosive viral certainty leading to total dominance.

I know there have been others – KVIL, WLS (in the ’60s – early  ’80s), KGO, Z100, WFLZ, B100 – but I didn’t get to work with them. I heard what I’m describing, every time I listened: Greatness in every daypart!

I think you should watch this documentary about Industrial Light & Magic. It might just shake you up, remind you why you began doing Radio in the first place, and inspire you to create this kind of commitment in your co-workers.

One sure thing: Radio needs this spirit.

We had it once. We can have it again.

All it takes is talent and commitment.

And the blessed ignorance and courage of believing there is nothing you cannot do.