Another Way To Say It

When .1 is enough

You probably think that if you could only get a million followers on Twitter, you’d finally be famous and happy.

And you might be, even though one million followers on Twitter would mean that 99.9% of those on Twitter never ever see one tweet from you.

If you sell a million books, that’s amazing, and you’ll make lots of money, but a million books is also less than 1% of American readers.

This post is based on something I saw on Seth Godin’s site. I couldn’t remember the title, but that’s not important.

The important part is that you don’t need 90% or even 50% of the people in your city to listen to your show to be really successful.

You don’t need everyone in your town to listen, and trying to get everyone may end up keeping you from getting the listeners you do need to be a success.

It’s better to be loved by the 8% or 10% who see you as irreplaceable.

Today, with literally unlimited choice for our attention, you need to offer content listeners can’t find anywhere else.

And that content has to be powerful enough, entertaining enough, relevant enough to bring listeners for more every day!

Passion is the goal, or should be, and you’ll never have that by playing it safe.