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Another Day

Another Day

Another mass shooting


Just yesterday, I wrote about one of the heroes who tried to stop a mass shooting in his classroom. You can read that HERE.

And exactly one week ago, I wrote about the generation of American children who have been forced to train for a mass shooting in their school. If you have school-age children, they are doing these mock drills every week, no matter where in America you live. You can see that again HERE.

Yesterday afternoon, at about 2pm local time, another mass shooting at a school a few miles from my house. The hero who lost his life trying to stop the shooter was Kendrick Castillo. You can read his story HERE.

The sad part is that I’m not prescient. This is not some sort of exercise in irony.

The whole point is this happens so frequently now that I could write about it any day of the year and it would probably seem pointed at your town.

America has more than a third of all mass shootings in the world. The number of shootings has increased dramatically since 2000.

While we yell at each other about guns and clips and the Second Amendment, our children are being slaughtered and traumatized on a daily basis. You can see the numbers for yourself HERE.

When we aggregate all the kids shot in our schools and playgrounds and streets it seems it cannot possibly be real. Over 15,600 annually?

51 kids will be shot somewhere in America today.

I frequently hear it said, when discussing our border issues, that the first responsibility of any American President is to keep us safe.

If you’re a parent, you already know your first responsibility is to keep your children safe.

By any objective measure, we’re failing, and while we argue, spittle flying, fists shaking, more of our children are being shot.

I’m an adult, and I feel helpless to stop this.

Imagine how our children feel.

It’s our job to take care of them, not theirs to fix things for us.

We need to do our job.

We need to come together to solve this.

Something has to change, and that change has to start within us.

You can find your Senate and Congressional Representatives phone numbers HERE. Tell them you expect them to do their jobs.

You are paying their salaries. They need to do their jobs.

We’re tired of the arguments. We’re sickened by the lobbyists.

Enough! Fix this, or we’ll elect someone who will.