And Then A Hero Came Along

It’s good to remember…

It was a time when heroes were measured by service and sacrifice rather than the size of their bank account or bonus.

In an age where most crave fame the way an addict craves the next fix, it’s good to remember it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s good to remember there was a time when we were willing to pay to rebuild shattered nations in Europe and build the infrastructure we still use today here at home.

It’s good to remember we negotiated a path between nuclear annihilation and appeasement following an unwinnable Korean War, that we managed to find our way and remember our calling and refuse to let the fear and paranoia of McCarthyism triumph.

It’s good to remember that we were once strong enough to look ourselves in the face and demand a better America, where prejudice and hate were shameful.

It’s good to remember what sharing common goals, and their costs, means.

It’s good to remember that once, for a few fleeting moments, billions of people, all around the earth — Muslim, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist — had their eyes focused on one, singular image, an image of triumph and hope and courage, for all mankind…

We don’t have to settle for the rancor and division we have now.

We don’t have to be cynical about our future, about what We, the people, can accomplish together when we are united.

We can be better than this.

It’s good to remind ourselves of our true heroes.