And That Is Why


Creativity asks a lot of questions
It wants to know why
Creativity is restless
It’s curious
It’s restlessly curious

Creativity is always optimistic
Even in the darkest times
there is no such thing as can’t
or no
or nyet

it believes there is always a way
It doesn’t tell me “that idea is stupid”
It illustrates a business problem
with an actual illustration

Creativity can change outcomes
It can change minds
It can impact societies
It can inspire nations
It has no ceiling
It loves solving problems
Which sometimes creates other problems
which it happily solves

Creativity sees the potential in everything
It can bridge the digital divide for street kids in Jakarta
with no access to education or computers
Creativity can inspire a client like HP
to find a way to teach them how to code
through the power of print and paper
Creativity can inspire Dove in Thailand
to help change the laws for forced haircuts on girls in school
so they don’t have to have their confidence cut

Creativity is optimism.
It can inspire one
or the many.
Creativity can change the world.
That is why


Isn’t that lovely? Every word above is from Judy John, Edelman’s Global Chief Creative Officer.