An Unwinnable Race

Stuck in traffic

The whole notion of advertising has changed.

Endless sources of content, rather than few.

If you interrupt what I’m watching, I’ll either skip your interruption, because I’ve recorded the show, or I’ll switch channels and watch something else.

The point is, I am in control of what I see and hear, not you.

So, the days of interrupting millions of people to “force” them to “see” or “hear” your commercial are gone forever.

The idea that by forcing millions to hear something you could convert 1-2% of them to buy is no longer relevant.

It’s not how many eyes or ears you can reach anymore.

It’s about whom you reach.

Some eyes and ears are receptive to your messages. Those are the ones you need to reach.

Which means you need to develop relationships with lots and lots of individuals and personalize your contact with each, as much as you are able.

The ones who figure this out earliest, and implement it best, will win both ratings and revenue.

So, make this your mantra: Not how many. Whom.

You might want to turn that into a big poster and stick it on your wall.