An Outburst of the Soul

It’s your gateway to the heart

It’s been called  an “outburst of the soul.” Oscar Wilde called it the art “which is most nigh to tears and memory.”

It is music.

And when we hear music we love our brains release the pleasure chemical dopamine.

If you want to know all the science behind those sentences, feel free to immerse yourself here.

This is the part woth noting: If you can find ways to play two songs back-to-back that most of your listeners truly love, that dopamine release just keeps on pumping.

And with all that pleasure washing over a receptive brain, why would you do anything to stem the tide?

Choose your words carefully when you speak after your Power songs because listeners’ brains are highly receptive to the right message.

Words matter, but especially then.

Use language, the language of love, that speaks to the right brain, that speaks to feelings and emotions and connections.

Trust me. It works.