Almost Like Radio

Only better…


Isn’t THIS what Radio has always done?

Spotify is doing the music part better because most radio stations aren’t conducting daily music tests. (Well, they are, via PPM, but they don’t use it that way because PPM doesn’t offer it that way.)

In fact, many radio stations have cut way back on all music research because of the cost of PPM.

I think that’s called irony.

There’s two ways this “new” idea can hurt your future.

Far, far fewer commercial interruptions, which we all know listeners want.

Spotify’s already doing that, but their challenge is how to make more money without more ads.

Their real challenge though is understanding the companionship role Radio has always provided.

So, if you own radio stations, your challenge is finding ways to be satisfied with less profit, say in the 10%-15% range vs the 30% – 40% range you’ve become used to.

Less now kills the main marketing proposition of music streamers in so many ways.

Oh, and at the same time, you need to increase the connection your air talent has with your listeners, to make every interaction more personal, more meaningful.

That’s almost impossible to do when you view air talent as an expense rather than an investment.