A Soldier of the Great War

The inexplicable grace of God…


The problem with war, as I have seen it, is not so much that it makes misery and grief – all of which would tend to come anyway, in time. The sin is in the abruptness, in the abridgement of those stages that otherwise might be joined so brilliantly to make a life.”

“Infants are left without fathers or mothers. Fathers and mothers die with the unbearable knowledge that their children are alone in the world. The love of a man and a woman is neither consummated nor allowed to flare and fade. Generations end, families cease to exist. The line, the story stops for some, and that, I think, is the worst of it.”

“When your children die before you no recovery exists except perhaps in the inexplicable grace of God, in events that no one has reported, in a place from which no one has returned.”

~ A Soldier of the Great War by Mark Helprin

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