A Reason To Care

Ohhhh, yeah, we forgot about that, huh?

Today’s post is from Steve Allan, founder and President of SMThree, a social media company that specializes in helping non-profits and small businesses. He is also Director of Client Services and Social Media at Rosenberg Media in Washington, DC.

I love this guy!

This so reminds me of radio’s relentless pursuit of younger demos.

Demos they abandoned. Demos they cannot get.

Radio reconfigures and contorts itself to try to appeal to a demographic that sees radio as old and outdated technology. Sorry, but calling yourself “fresh” does not make it so. Playing Katy Perry & Lady Gaga does not make you hip.
This used to be the problem with Oldies, I mean Classic Hits, stations. Now, I’m sure it is a problem with mainstream AC.
But, instead of pursuing dollars that fit their demo and convincing advertisers that reaching a 48 year-old woman is the RIGHT thing to do, they go after the low-hanging fruit and react to the big agencies who continue to chant this mantra.
As for radio marketing itself – yes, lets create phone apps and web streams and social media channels and do everything to reach the “younger” demos…

Forgetting you have to give them a reason to care in the first place.