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A Picture of Grief

A Picture of Grief

Man is not the only animal that grieves

As an animal-lover, especially dogs, I admit I am biased.

I admit I believe my dog, Murphy, has emotions, and that I can almost always tell when he is sad and/or happy.

But do dogs grieve? How about chimps? You think they don’t feel grief?

This picture will change your mind:

Dorothy, a chimp in her late 40s, and a matriarch at this chimp rescue center, has died of congestive heart failure.

Her life story is poignant. She saw her mother shot by poachers. She was sold as a “mascot” to an amusement park in Cameroon, where she lived for 25 years, teased and taunted, taught to smoke cigarettes and drink beer for human entertainment.

Despite that, once she was rescued, in 2000, and taken to this sanctuary, she continually showed her deep kindness to all the other chimps there with her.

The management of the sanctuary felt it was only right to let the other chimps witness her burial and say goodbye.

I may be biased.

I hope I am.

Because I see grief on their faces, and Dorothy’s loss should be grieved.