A Love Story

that your station could tell…

I’m not surprised that NPR featured this story. They’ve always understood the power of story-telling.

I am surprised that your station is not telling stories like this one.

As this 5-minute video shows, you could produce one of these a week to share on your web site and never run out of material, no matter how small your market.

Watch at least the first 2 minutes, and you’re hooked.


Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

Ok, the animation did nothing for me, but the story — the story — grabbed me by the heart and stayed with me for days.

The story is timeless.

The story will be ours, if we’re fortunate enough to share a love this deep, because loss is inevitable. Death visits each one of us.

Can’t you hear 20 seconds of this voice on your station, followed by an invitation to experience this extraordinary love story in full on your web site?

What can I say to help you understand the reservoir of emotion that is waiting to be released?

How can I help you take advantage of the millions of ears you reach to share content that actually matters, to form bonds that cannot be replaced by the latest format du jour?