A Lesson of the Recession

It only hurts when I laugh

We all hear, and tell each other, that there’s no choice, that our station, our company, did what it had to do.

So, when the Great Recession hit, we accepted budget cuts. We accepted more voice-tracked dayparts.

We were told to be grateful we had jobs, even if our pay and benefits had been cut.

What we weren’t told was that there was a choice. There was another way…

This company not only didn’t cut back as the Great Recession roared, they added staff and increased pay and expenses — and still grew.

Who are they? Click HERE and read their story for yourself.

I know some will say this is totally different, a different industry, and that is true.

Our industry — broadcasting — produces margins, even in recessions, that this industry, and most industries, would never dream of.

Truth is, Radio did what was easy.

“Our people are our greatest asset”?

Please. Don’t insult us further.