A Lesson in Humility

And you will never guess from whom it comes…

Almost all of us know someone who’s been affected by the Great Recession in our industry.

And ours didn’t just start with the financial crisis in 2008.

Ours started with deregulation, and since the mid-90s, literally thousands of jobs have been eliminated.

PPM seems to be this year’s excuse to cut expense, mostly in big name morning shows, and if it hasn’t visited your market yet — it will.

Sometimes, we want to pretend we’re somehow different, somehow not as vulnerable as those we read about every day in the trades, though when even the trades start folding (R&R) it should serve as a sharp slap to the face.

There’s not that much difference between you with your job, and that other guy who lost his job. The main difference is luck.

You were lucky to be in a company that didn’t massacre employees by the thousands.

You were lucky to be in a market where revenue didn’t drop over 45% in 2008.

You were lucky to work for people who were willing to cut their salaries so they didn’t have to eliminate yours.

A lot of life is luck, right place right time…

So, if seeing friends and neighbors lose jobs and homes and health hasn’t already sensitized you to the feelings of gratitude and humility, take a few minutes to read THIS.

Admit it. You’re surprised.

Take one minute today and reach out to someone you know who’s unemployed and discouraged. All you have to do is listen. The call shows you care.