A Great Summer Promotion

I believe in my smelf…

The Old Spice ads may not sell deodorant, but they are entertaining.

And this one reminds me of a promotion we did on the original KIMN years ago…

We called it “Mr. Puniverse,” and the object was to find the skinniest, nerdiest guy in Denver.

We held it at a local mall, had dozens of entrants, and thousands of spectators, so many they had to close us down and bring in extra cops to handle the car traffic.

Best of all, we — and everyone who participated or watched — had fun.

Mr. Puniverse won a cash prize, a gym membership, a personal trainer, and a date with one of the Bronco cheerleaders, as I recall.

Summer seems especially suited to just plain old fun radio gags: dog/owner look-alikes, belly flop championships, and Mr. Puniverse.

What are some of the best summer promotions you did at your stations?