A Defiant Dude

An expensive mistake…

Have you heard about the Eat More Kale guy?

Here, watch this…

It’s another example of companies not understanding that they really don’t have as much power as they used to have, as they think they have.

I would imagine, within the halls of Chick-fil-A, a lot of executives are wishing they hadn’t picked this fight.

They may win this one battle, but they’ve already lost the bigger war, the PR war — because a lot of us kept pretty good thoughts about Chick-fil-A, about the way they treated employees and customers, about they way they were willing to forego the profits of being open on Sundays because it went against their values.

And with a simple Flip camera, a web site, and YouTube — voila! Transformed into a bully.

This isn’t about legalities.

Perception about the brand is what matters, and today — as so many other companies have learned — your most dissatisfied customer has a voice almost as loud as yours.

In the case of this defiant dude, definitely as loud as yours, because your PR guy couldn’t buy your way onto Anderson Cooper’s show…