A Challenge


It’s so frustrating to see Radio as an industry struggle to increase their share of the advertising pie when online spending just keeps going up, despite its evident lack of success.

So, the next time one of your clients says they can’t afford to buy your station because they’re putting their marketing eggs into the online basket, ask ’em out to lunch.

Then, walk them slowly down the aisles of any grocery store in your town. They’ll want to know why, of course.

It’s worth pointing out all the toothpastes and canned corn and frozen pizza and yogurt and detergent and cold remedies and peanut butters and diapers and beers you’ve heard of before.

How many of those built that recognition with online advertising?

I think we both know the answer, and so will your client: None.

As in, not one.

Social media is supposed to be the cat’s meow, but I don’t think you can find one successful brand that was built with banner ads and interruptions online.

The only brands social media grows are their own, and as long as we don’t challenge that fact, our business won’t grow as much as it could.