A Booming Ratings Performance

Can you guess who that describes?


It started earlier this year, the decision to cut commercial minutes by more than half.

Well, maybe even before that, because they’d already made the decision to create content that is highly emotional.

They made the decision to stand for something that’s easily definable, that’s obvious every day.

They decided to stop trying to be all things to all viewers and hyper-focus on who they want to be, who they are.

And they became the only non-news network in the top 15 to show substantial audience growth.

Radio company CEOs will argue that their hands are tied, that they can’t cut commercial inventory.

Radio company VPs of Programming will claim that their hands are tied, that their bosses won’t give them the budget to hire really great air talent, so Nielsen forces them to shut up their mediocre announcers and limit them to liners or voice-tracking.

We all feel that pressure to have the biggest possible audience, to go broad rather than deep.

The path to strong audience growth is not complicated if all we hear are the voices of our listeners.

Anyone strong enough in your company to respect that?