84% Of Us Want To Do THIS

84% Of Us Want To Do THIS

Survey says…


Leave our jobs. You can read it for yourself HERE.

And while Radio has never really seemed like work to me, I’m not sitting inside a radio station every day.

When I visit clients, I have to admit, I’m not sure I’d want to sign up for what Radio has become today.

So…if you care about turnover in your organization, or even if you care about the happiness and well being of your employees (that would make you ineligible for a senior corporate executive position), I leave you with this knowledge…

The top five reasons employees would choose to stay at their current company:

  1. If my salary accurately reflected the work I do (52%)
  2. If I really liked the company culture (43%)
  3. If I got on well with my coworkers (36%)
  4. If I enjoyed the type of work I do (33%)
  5. If I felt valued by my employer (31%)