660,000 And Counting



I’m probably asked about the viability of a personal podcast as a way to financial success several times a week.

It seems to dampen the enthusiasm when I remind those asking that there are over 660,000 podcasts, with more added daily, and about 3 of them make actual money, as far as I can tell.

Ok, maybe more than 3, but the odds are still daunting.

If you’re interested in podcasting you can read everything you would ever want to know about it HERE.

If you, like me, prefer the short version, here it is:

In an age when we were promised jet packs, or at least augmented-reality goggles, it turns out what we’ve really been craving is the companionship of human voices nestled in our ears. These voices provide us with information, yes, but also inspiration, entertainment, enlightenment, emotional engagement, companionship, and, above all, a sense that, in even our most arcane obsessions, we are not alone.


That sounds like the way Radio used to be, doesn’t it?

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