6 Steps To An Amazing Brand

How many are you using?


  1. Truly obsess about your listener. Their addiction/appreciation equals long-term biz success.
  2. Related to first one: Never do stupid tricks for ad dollars. Short-term high but long-term buzz kill for biz (and listeners).
  3. Truly make (what comes between the songs) as important as (the music) or sales. Great content on (a) cluttered (station) is a disservice (to your listeners).
  4. People + purpose = killer execution. Sorry: Not all talent is created equal. Huge talent + great values = gold. Go all-in on this type.
  5. If you don’t know with precision what your company is doing broadly, and what you are doing personally, run. Clarity of purpose is ?.
  6. The beauty/curse of today: You can build a brand faster than ever, but lose your magic just as quick. Play fast, scared and opportunistic.

Ok, now let me tell you where I found this: HERE.

The entire Axios Manifesto is HERE.

“Axios CEO Jim VandeHei told me the one management super-power he would wish for all is this: the self-confidence and judgement to hire people with killer talent and awesome values, who want your job and can do it better.

“Do this and the next person they hire will do the same and your company will crush it.”

“Don’t do this, and you will have a hot mess of mediocrity.”

This is where consolidated radio has run off the rails: finding, keeping, promoting, paying truly great talent, both in programming and management and infusing them with a real sense of purpose.

We’ve acted as if great talent should feel lucky to have a job.

We’ve burdened them with too many restrictions and BS duties that have nothing to do with delighting listeners each time they speak.

It’s not too late to correct our course. Radio still has amazing reach.

This is an issue of will and nothing more.

Will owners surrender a percent or two of profit now for long term sustainable viability, or will radio stay on its current course and blame technology for our failures?

That is the question…