5 Steps to Contentment


I subscribe to a daily devotional. I read it first thing every morning and it sets up my day for gratitude and hope. (If you’re interested, you can subscribe by sending your email address HERE.)

One recent morning, the theme was contentment, which is totally different from happiness.

Contented people usually have 5 characteristics in common:

  1. They are committed to a cause greater than themselves.
  2. They have a servant’s heart. They seek ways to serve others.
  3. They value relationships above possessions.
  4. They express gratitude for what they have rather than complaining about what they don’t have.
  5. They are able to find joy in life’s smaller pleasures: a good meal, the beauty of nature, etc.

Many of us struggle to find contentment most of our lives because we mistakenly believe it can be obtained through things we buy or a different job or more money or fame, something external.

If you’re struggling to feed your kids, or pay your mortgage, you don’t have time to think much about contentment.

For the rest of us, this list is a pretty good place to start.

Focus outside yourself — your needs and wants. Focus on helping others. Express gratitude for the grace that has made your life easier than many and see for yourself how much better you feel.

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