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4 Pillars of Social Media

4 Pillars of Social Media

And they were established before the Internet was conceived…

It might surprise you to learn that 50 years ago, in a study* about Word-of-Mouth persuasion, researchers identified 4 motivations for us to spread brand information.

  1. Product-involvement: an experience so unique and pleasurable we can’t wait to share it.
  2. Self-involvement: sharing knowledge and opinions can attract attention, confer status and superiority.
  3. Other-involvement: reaching out to express neighborliness, caring and friendship.
  4. Message-involvement: the message is so humorous or entertaining it deserves sharing.
4 pillars

So, as you analyze your radio station, what do you see?

There may be a handful of stations, around the world, that are truly unique (and also successful), but the number is decreasing each year.

Your station might score on #2 IF you have Rush or Ryan, but this won’t work for most commercial music stations around the world.

#3 feels almost quaint, in the age of the iPod, but I’ve seen it in practice during focus groups — people sharing their enthusiasm about their favorite station or air talent to someone sitting near them with whom they engage. However, as more dayparts are voice-tracked, as PPM causes more and more PDs to shackle and homogenize air talent, this is probably under threat.

#4 always worked for Stern. Who gets this regularly now? Elvis? Kidd Kraddick? It’s a short list, that’s for sure.

So maybe the next time you think about how you can use social media, how you need to be involved with social media, you’ll glance at this list, and reflect on this fact:

The better your product every time I listen, the more likely I am to want to share it.

It’s as simple as that.




*Secrets of Social Media