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3 Steps To What’s Next

3 Steps To What’s Next

How to find work you love


Yesterday’s post, Forget The Money, was a reality check for those who seem to hate what their radio job has become.

A (hopefully) gentle shove to stop complaining and start considering how you can use talents radio rewarded in another field.

I’ve got three concrete suggestions:

  1. Help others, without expectation that you’ll receive anything in return.
  2. Form new social groups so you can begin to appreciate what others do.
  3. Add something positive to each life you interact with outside of your station.

I’ve written before about Adam Grant. What he espouses works, but I think altruism takes practice because our culture has become so greedy and self-interested.

You can actively help others within your orbit each day, from the mechanic who fixes your car, to the people you meet at your parent/teacher evenings, by showing authentic interest in others and then, when needed, acting as the conduit between them and people you know who they might benefit from knowing.

The tricky part is the expectation part. The selflessness part.

You’ve got to let go of that need to get something in return.

Call it karma or divine intervention or whatever you choose, but it works, if you trust it and practice it relentlessly.

Take a few hours a month for a book club, or a men’s group at your church, or volunteering at your homeless shelter or animal rescue.

Push yourself to do something new, anything that sounds the least bit interesting. How can that possibly hurt?

The best part of #3 is how good it will make you feel.

Again, it’s not about earning points you can redeem later for a job recommendation.

It’s about an authentic desire to say or do something that helps someone in your life at that exact moment they need it.

Look, you can stick with your current job, continue to whine and complain and look backwards at the way things used to be.

You already know how that feels.

Or, you can try these three things, hopefully, altruistically, and give faith a chance to work a mini-miracle in your life.